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Reduced commission
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Proprio Direct              

Unique offer that allows you to sell on your own, while enjoying the services of a broker and benefiting from having a favorable commission rate.

The formula that attracts 100% of buyers 

Benefit from the best of both worlds – only major real estate agency in Quebec are able to reach 100% of buyers.

Visibility of your property FREE OF CHARGE on the most popular real estate websites including Centris and Realtor (MLS), while retaining the privilege of selling directly

Your personalized marketing report. WITH A SINGLE CLICK obtain complete portrait of all the activity surrounding your property and see the number of visits on various real estate sites

For sale by owner... with his broker!
Allows you to find the buyer yourself, benefit from a reduced commission rate starting at 2%*, while profiting from the services of your broker from the beginning up until the end of the transaction.

For a transaction to your satisfaction
The Quali-T way of offering value and a top-notch experience to customers and our commitment is to deliver great service throughout the transaction

Let's Find You Together The Place You Deserve

Proprio Direct  is the only real estate agency in Quebec that can offer you AIR MILES reward Miles 

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